There are a few words in wedding lingo that are often misspelled or misused, and I thought I’d share them with you so you’re in the know!

Altar versus Alter

  • You get married at an ALTAR. 
  • But before you tie the knot, you’ll need to ALTER your dress. 

Stationery versus Stationary

  • When it is time to order your wedding STATIONERY, just remember that this type of stationery has an “E” (ery) — think E for envelopes. 
  • When something doesn’t move, it is STATIONARY, with an “A”.

Complimentary versus Complementary

  • On your wedding day, your guests will be very COMPLIMENTARY of your appearance, etc — full of nice things to say! 
  • With the word COMPLEMENTARY, think of it as it relates to colors that go well together. defines it as follows: relating to or constituting one of a pair of contrasting colors that produce a neutral color when combined in suitable proportions

Happy spelling!

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