I previously had a wedding blog called Amy’s Guide to All Things Bride and every now and then I re-post a story from that blog. Here’s a favorite from May 2005!

To match or not to match, that is the question.

Having just attended four weddings in the past five weeks, you could literally say I’ve seen it all. Each wedding was beautiful, but one in particular stands out in my memory, and is the inspiration for today’s post. Embrace variety — mismatching will make your wedding (or next party) not only beautiful, but memorable.

TABLES – Why not include a variety of table shapes and sizes? Round tables generally seat ten, but also come in smaller sizes to seat small groups of six or eight. More and more rental companies are also offering oval and large square-shaped tables as well. Mix it up!

I used this “mismatched” bouquet idea for a client’s wedding in 2010

BRIDESMAIDS BOUQUETS – Choose a color, but give each girl a unique flower. Take white for example. One bridesmaid could carry white calla lilies, another white hydrangeas, a third white orchids, a fourth white lily of the valley. The same could be done with blue and purple flowers (blue hydrangeas, hyacinths, irises). The options are endless no matter what your color scheme. (Photo credit: Julie Mikos)

BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES – Again, choose a color (or even a color range) and let the girls go crazy. Allowing each girl to choose her own dress shape and style enables bridesmaids to find a dress that flatters them, and may even increase the chance that she’ll wear the dress again! Thankfully, many brides are doing this these days.

TABLE LINENS – Green’s your thing? Rather than picking one color linen and using it throughout the reception, choose a variety of green linens in different patterns — a dark green and light green stripe, a green jacquard, a green floral. To unify the look, you can line each table with a white cloth, and then use the green linens on top as more of an overlay or accent.

FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS – No need to have the exact same arrangement at each table – why not mix it up with alternating colors, varying flowers, and differing arrangement heights? So long as the color palette is similar throughout, you’ll have a cohesive effect.

Miss Match or Mismatched?

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