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Restroom amenity baskets are a nice, thoughtful touch for a wedding.  If you have the time, energy and talent to collect, arrange and display the essentials, you may go the DIY route for an amenity basket.  However, we’ve found that amenity baskets are often not as easy as they may seem, not to mention your time and energy will probably be short.  We recommend the Signature Restroom Amenity Basket on Marigold & Grey.  This basket includes anything and everything your wedding guests may need, plus it’s got good looks too.  The fun “Compliments of the Bride & Groom” sign even comes with the basket too.  Effortless- check.  Stylish- check.  Useful- check.  Call it a win-win and order one basket per bathroom!

Restroom Amenity Basket on Marigold & Grey

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