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Our fearless leader, Amy, was just featured on Brides as they offered 17 tips for gracefully adapting your home environment for I dos.

There are so many benefits to hosting a wedding in the privacy of your own home—sense of familiarity, undeniable charm and unique sentiment make for a day that’s original and noteworthy. Inviting your loved ones into a space that holds some of your most cherished memories—as a child, an adult, or both!—nothing says love like a wedding fit with a “home sweet home” welcome mat. Since residences are rarely suited for events and large gatherings, private homes need considerable attention when it comes to finalizing logistics like lighting, parking, and additional rentals.

We love the tips on using spaces that have special meanings and not skimping on the entertainment space, but number 13 is our favorite!

Press: How to Host a Wedding at Home from Brides


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