Photo Credit: By Leah

Amy gives tips on how to include a Wine Box Ceremony in your wedding in this recent article by Brides.

The article explains what a wine box ceremony and the history behind it. Amy helps them answer the question: What type of wine should we select?

“As a rule of thumb, red wines tend to age better than white wines, but that doesn’t mean you can’t age a white wine or that all red wines will age well. Some red wines that couples have chosen to save include Cotes du Rhone, Bordeaux, and Cabs. Whites that age well include select Sauternes, Riesling, and some Champagne. Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé don’t tend to be ones that people hold onto for a decade. But consult an expert before picking a specific bottle.”

Press: Everything You Need to Know About Having a Wine Box Ceremony


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