Wedding Artists Photo Credit: The New York Times


We always recommend a professional wedding photographer and wedding videographer document your big day.  Perhaps you may want to consider a live wedding artist as well.  For more details, check out Artists Capture Your Wedding On Site and On Canvas on The New York Times.  A wedding artist attends your wedding, captures a special moment, and presents you with a gorgeous painting of your wedding.  What a special keepsake of your wedding!  Not to mention the live artistry adds another unique element to your wedding for you and your guests to enjoy.  There are many live artistic avenues to explore- a painting in oil, a painting in watercolor, or a sketch in digital form- to name a few.  All leave the newlyweds with a custom piece of art to remember their wedding.  Live artistry is taking weddings to a new, beautiful level!

Live Wedding Artists on New York Times

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