Amy‘s got the full scoop on bridal showers, specifically bridal shower invitations and bridal shower themes, on Shutterfly!

First, Amy shares her expert bridal shower opinions in Pretty Bridal Shower Invitations Templates and Theme Inspiration.  She dishes on everything from picking a thoughtful bridal shower theme to using bridal shower invitation templates to make bridal shower planning easy.  Yes, that’s right a bridal shower invitation template can not only help with the invitation itself, but with the entire bridal shower design process.  Read this fun article for all those details and more!

Next, Amy lends her wise advice on Throwing a Nautical Bridal Shower: Invitations and Colors.  For a bridal shower inspired by the sea, Amy shares every last detail on everything from the color palette to the invitations.  A nautical bridal shower is ideal for a bride who loves the ocean, surf, and sand.  Here are all the ideas and inspiration you could ever need for a this theme.  Consider the helpful article a handy how-to guide for the perfect nautical bridal shower!

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